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Dr. Murad, M.D. Dermatologist, Pharmacist, Holder of 16 Dermatology-related patents. Author of Wrinklle-Free Forever and the Cullulite Solution. Dr Murad products contain Hydrating, Antioxidants and, Anti-inflammatory ingredients, He was the first with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) in professional skincare products. He was also the first to develop a scientifically proven method for reducing cellulite and stretch marks. He is the first with Internal Skincare supplement that forever change the way that people looked at their skin.

We also sell Dr Murad advanced Performance Skincare, Nailtiques Therapeutic Hand and Nail Treatment, Orly, Jessica, Revlon & Mavala Nail polishes, Eve Taylor and Premier Dead Sea Minerals. If you require more information regarding to the products please contact us.



Approx time


Hygienic, quick temporary removal of superflous hair lasting up to
six weeks.
Face wax lOmins 10.00
Underarm lOmins 8.00
Half Arm lOmins 9.00
Full Arm 15-20 mins 15.00
Lip or Chin 5-10 mins 5.00
Eyebrow 5-10 mins 7.00
Back wax 20 mins 20.00
Chest wax and abdomen 20 mins 20.00
Full leg 45 mins 26.00
Upper leg 20 mins 17.00
Lower leg 15 mins 14.00
Belly wax 5 mins 4.00
Bikini 10 mins 10.00
G-String 20 mins 18.00
Full Leg & Brazilian 1hr 40.00
Brazilian wax 30 mins 20.00
Hollywood / Playboy 30 mins 25.00
Full Leg & Bikini 45 mins-1hr 31.00
Upper leg & Bikini 30 mins 23.00
Lower leg & Bikini 30 mins 21.00
Full leg, Bikini and Underarm Ihr 35.00
Half leg, Bikini and Underarm 40 mins 27.00
Three Quarter leg 20 mins 20.00
Full Leg, and Hollywood 1hr 45.00
lower leg wax / Brazilian 45min 32.00
Upper leg wax / Brazilian 45min 35.00
Parrafin Waxing

Approx time


For smoother
and silkier skin
Face  25 mins  20.00
Hands or Feet  15 mins  10.00
Body  1 hr  35.00

Hand & Feet Approx time £
Manicure with Polish 45 mins-lhr 14.00
Manicure without Polish 30 mins 13.00
French Manicure 1 hr 16.00
Pedicure with polish 1 hr 28.00
Pedicure without polish 45 mins 27.00
Revarnish 10mins 8.00

Top to Toe special 2 hr 70.00
Includes facial, back, neck and shoulder massage, eyebrow shape, manicure, half leg wax or foot massage
Bridal Package 2 hr 110.00
Relaxation time for the bride, the day before the wedding including Ultimate Hand and Nail Treatment, Stress Management Facial and Body Bronzing.
Normal Facial / Combination Facial
This high-performance regimen brings combination skin into beautiful balance. Normalize and restore youthful looking skin.
l hr 50.00
Redness Therapy Facial
For individuals with Rosacea-like redness or anyone experiencing skin sensitivity, and it calms irritated skin. Restore hydration and suppleness, cools on contact, relieving stinging and sensitivity.
l hr 50.00
AHA Rapid Exfoliator Facial
For individuals wanting to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles to reveal a more vibrant, smoother, younger-looking skin. It provides maximum exfoliation and also accelerates the improvement in skin texture, tone and appearance. Deep cleans pores to keep skin clear without redness or irritation. (Anti - Acne treatment)
l hr 50.00
Resurgence Renewal Facial and pre-menopausal
For women experiencing menopausal and pre-menopausal skin concerns such as rough, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and hormonal breakouts with long-term firmness and youthful glow.
1 hr 50.00
Clarifying Enzyme Facial
The Murad Enzyme Treatment provides another alternative in professional skin exfoliation. Pure fruit enzymes dissolve excess skin cell build up allowing for fresh, clear complexion to shine through. Suitable for oily and acne prone skin, blackheads and breakouts, dehydrated skin with non-inflamed millia, combination skin with clogged pores in the T-zone, reduces acne blemishes and improves skin clarity leaving it with a healthy, vibrant glow.

1 hr 50.00
Environmental Shield Vitamin C
For individuals wanting to reverse the signs of aging that are the result of environmental damage, reduces fine lines and photo-damaged skin. Exfoliates damaged cells and helps prevent future damage. Restores elasticity, firmness and hydration.
1 hr 50.00
Premier Dead Sea Facial
This luxurious dead sea wrinkle-combating minerals help improve cell metabolism and stabilise the skin s moisture balance, leaving your skin younger than ever.
1hr 50.00
Collagen Facial
A hydrating relaxing facial ideal for sun damaged, dehydrated skin. The natural collagen used in the mask helps to plump out lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and even in tone.
1 hr 50.00
Stress management Facial
This facial is designed to fit into a lunch hour or after a working day. It combines the benefit of accupressure massage to relieve tension and stress of the day. Revitalises the whole body and gives an enormous sense of well being.
30 mins 25.00
Cleanse & Make-up
This is designed for weddings and evening parties. Face is cleansed, toned and moisturised, then application of make up.
45 mins 35.00
Make-up Lesson
It is designed for someone who wants to learn how to apply make-up properly and professionally
45 mins 20.00
Tan & Glow
This full body treatment encompasses a full body polish and moisturisation, finishing with the application of the cream. Ideal for special occasions, or a pre-holiday booster. A facial bronzing can be included.

1 hr 35.00
Body Firming Treatment
This treatment helps to minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It firms, tightens, tones and improves elasticity and circulation.
1 hr 45.00
Body Polish
A smoothing treatment for the body to exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling refined and refreshed. Finishes with full body moisturisation.
1 hr 35.00
Sea-Mud rich in Minerals - Body wrap
Fruit enzymes, herbs and minerals detoxify, exfoliate, slims and help reduce stress.
1 hr 35.00
Shower is recommended for those who just worked out before treatment for hygiene purposes.

Therapeutic Body Massage
Very relaxing massage, helps to release tension and stress - use of rythmic tapping and percussive strokes.
1 hr 42.00
Back and Shoulder Massage
30 mins 22.00
Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are used to promote balance and harmony between mind and body. It is a deep tissue massage which releases tension and circulates the blood flow properly.
1 hr 45.00
Head, Neck, Shoulder and back Massage
30 mins
15 mins
Hot stone Massage
Using hot stones where heat is penetrated from smooth oiled and warmed stones is used to relieve tense muscles and sore joints. Combined with Swedish techniques, this creates an unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience.
1 hr 45.00
Hand Massage 10 mins 5.00
Head Massage 10 mins 8.00
Reflexology Foot Massage
Originates from the East. Using special pressure and massage techniques on reflex points on the feet, it helps to relieve pain and problems, thereby encouraging the body to return to optimal health. Reflexology releases energy blocks which cause pain or disability, thereby helping the body to heal itself.
30 mins 25.00
EYE TREATMENT Approx time £
Eye massage
For eye strain, very relaxing, reduces wrinkles and dark circles around the eye area. It is a sinus buster, good for headaches, migrane and driving stress
15 mins 10.00
Collagen Eye Mask
Good for dull, dehydrated skin lacking elasticity and firmness around the eye area.
30 mins 15.00
Eye define
30 mins 25.00

EYECARE Approx time
Shape - tint - enhance - perm    
Eyelash Tint     15 mins 12.00
Eyebrow Tint  5 mins 11.00
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint 20 mins 21.00
Eyebrow Shape 15 mins 7.00
Eyebrow Tidy 10 mins 6.00
Eyelash Perming 1 hr 38.00